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[TC] Remote controlled Spy Bot

Here is a remote operated spy robot circuit which can be controlled by using a wireless remote controller. It can capture audio and video information’s from the surroundings and can be sent to a remote station through RF signals. The maximum range is 125 meters. It overcomes the limited range of infrared remote controllers. This robot consists of mainly two sections. They are explained in detail below.

Remote Control Operated Spy Robot Circuit – Block Diagram

    Remote Control Operated Spy Robot Circuit - Block Diagram
Remote Control Operated Spy Robot Circuit - Block Diagram

1. Remote Control Section

The circuit uses HT 12E, HT 12D encoder and decoder. 433MHz ASK transmitter and receiver is used for the remote control. H-bridge circuits are used for driving motors. Two 12V DC/100RPM gear motors are used as drivers. The working of the circuit is as follows.
When we are pressing any key in remote controller the HT 12E generate 8 bit address and 4 bit data .The DIP switches are used for setting the address. Then the ASK transmitter sends the 8 bit address and 4 bit data to the receiver Then the ASK receiver receives the 8 bit address and 4 bit data and HT 12D decoder decodes the data, thus enabling the appropriate output. Thus the output signals that are generated controls the H-bridge which then rotates the motors.
The 433 MHZ ASK transmitter and receivers are extremely small, and are excellent for applications requiring short-range RF remote controls.  The transmitter module is only 1/3rd the size of a standard postage stamp, and can easily be placed inside a small plastic enclosure. The transmitter output is up to 8mW at 433.92MHz. The transmitter accepts both linear and digital inputs and can operate from 1.5 to 12 Volts-DC, and makes building a miniature hand-held RF transmitter very easy.  The 433 MHZ ASK transmitters is approximately the size of a standard postage stamp
433 MHZ ASK receivers also operate at 433.92MHz, and have a sensitivity of 3uV.  The receiver operates from 4.5 to 5.5 volts-DC.

2. Video Transmission Section

In this project we are using a wireless CCD camera. Now these types of cameras are commonly available in the market. It works on 12VDC supply.

The 12 Volt DC supply is taken from the battery placed in the robot. The camera has a receiver, which is placed in the remote station. Its output signals are in the form of audio and video. These signals are directly connected to a TV receiver or a computer through a tuner card.
Remote Operated Spy Robot - Remote Control Section
Remote Operated Spy Robot - Remote Control Section

Components Required

IC HT 12E 1
HT 12D 1

LM 7805 2

TIP 122 4

S 8050 4
DIODE 1N 4148 8

220E 4

39K 1

1M 1
GEAR MOTOR 12V DC 100rpm 2
BATTERY 12V 1.3 Ah   rechargeable 1

9V 1


The steps for the construction are…
1. Take a hylam sheet with (20cm*15cm) size.
2. Fix two gear motors (12VDC 100rpm) in the hylam sheet by using aluminum pieces and nut bolts as shown in the figure below.
3. Fix the ball castor as shown in the figure below.
Construction of Remote Operated Spy Robot Circuit
Construction of Remote Operated Spy Robot Circuit
4. Then fix the battery (12VDC 1.2Ah) on the top of the spy robot as shown in the figure below.
Construction of Remote Operated Spy Robot Circuit - Top View
Construction of Remote Operated Spy Robot Circuit – Top View
5. Connect two motors to the PCB. The PCB is then connected to the battery.
6. Connect the wireless CCD camera to the battery.
7. Connect the camera receiver to the TV or computer. Video information’s will thus appear in the screen.
8. Switch on the remote controller and control the spy robot

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