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Motion Sensor Light Switch

Motion Sensor Light Switch Circuit

Today many available commercial motion sensor light switches on the market, one of the brands that are sought after a Leviton motion sensor light switch type PR180-1LW Leviton decora Incandescent 500W, Passive Infrared Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor. You can buy it at a price of about $ 15. Motion sensors are widely used for home security, office, or the places that require extra security.
Motion sensor light switch is a human motion detector that works in a range of infrared detection. If the PIR sensor devices receive the infrared energy emitted by the human body, it will eventually be switching relay which in turn will turn on the lights. So the function of the use of this switch sensor for security purposes, particularly at nighttime conditions.
In addition to buying a human motion detector, if you want to do it yourself (DIY), a motion sensor switch, is now also widely available PIR sensor modules that are sold in general, so that by adding a high-gain amplifier which is equipped with a relay switch, then this it works as a motion sensor light switch.

Motion Sensor Light Switch Circuit Diagram

Here is a motion sensor light switch circuit is quite simple using the SB0061, the pyroelectric sensor module, developed to detect human body. A PIR detector combined with a Fresnel lens mounted on a compact with analog IC card (SB0061) and a limited part of the module. High-level output (3.3) pre-adjustable variable width (5secs -18 minutes) is provided.

PIR Motion Sensor Light Switch Circuit
PIR motion sensor light switch schematic on SB0061 presented here can be used for a security lighting or energy saving mode corridor. 12V DC required for the entire circuit can be powered by standard 12V AC adapter / battery.

Motion Sensor Light Switch Circuit – How It Works

Development of a simple motion sensor circuit and easy. When motion is detected at about 5-6 meters, or about 3.3 volts appears at the base of the transistor T1 and T2 to participate in the next relay driver transistor light. Therefore, the relay DPDT 12V to power the white LED current limit resistor R3. Spare relay contacts can be used as a switch controlling the external load correctly. White LED and relay will remain for a period of time depending on mono SB0061, 5 seconds to 18 minutes. Source: Motion Sensor Light Switch
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  1. I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it.

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  2. Circuit diagram pic is not loading. Please make it visible.

  3. Any technology with the word motion sensor exists to capture movements of people in an area. It has more to do with surveillance and someone being in a place they should not be. Therefore, if you have a motion sensor light in your home, it alerts you of any trespassers in your backyard, patio, deck or shed. This helps you foster security not only in your house but also in other properties where you have the LED lights up. motion sensor light


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